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Emergency Preparedness
ICL offers emergency preparedness, recovery planning and support services to all client laboratories for a nominal fee. In the instance that your lab, due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, experiences an interruption in services, ICL can provide short-to-medium term emergency supports. In this event, ICL will work as a back-up to your typical operations, referring your testing through our reference laboratory network and maintaining your flow so that patient care is uninterrupted. We can act as an insurance policy to support patient care in the event of an emergency.

In the event that your laboratory cannot provide certain testing for your own patients, for reasons such as assay failure, technology issues, or a disaster, ICL can immediately step in to provide relief and temporary relocation of testing until the situation has been revolved.

Quality Assurance Client Dashboard
In development - ICL will soon be offering a Quality Assurance solution via a web-portal. The portal will allow lab staff to review the status of referred tests, turn-around-time data, and other metrics such as cost—all in real time.

The portal interface will allow clients to print reports for referred tests on-demand through the portal or access them through the ‘interface.’ The dashboard meets and exceeds referral QA.

Lab Consulting
In development


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