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Logistics Services

Specimen Handling and Transportation
ICL operates as a virtual integrator managing all logistics including packaging of test samples (using dry ice) and transportation of samples between sites and to ICL (for all tests not performed by the client’s lab). All transportation is customized based on the needs of our clients and provided in a secure and reliable way by our dedicated courier.

We are equipped to handle all of your lab test needs which means that you can enjoy the simplicity and environmental benefits of a unified packaging system for all samples. ICL is constantly adding to our web-enabled test menu. If a test you’re looking for does not appear in the posted list, please contact our Client Care Department.

Specimens sent to ICL should be packaged and transported in accordance with local and Canadian legislation including Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act & Regulations. We can provide advice and support regarding packaging and shipping, please contact our Client Care Department.

Technical & Analytical Interpretation Services
ICL offers clinical and analytical interpretation services as a component of our standard offering. If a client has a query (either clinical or analytical) regarding a specific test, our Client services team confers with our Chief Science and Technology Officer. If appropriate, our Chief accesses the relevant medical/scientific reference lab personnel to obtain a response to the client’s satisfaction. We also facilitate direct consultations between clients and reference labs when the situation calls for it.

Billing Services
ICL offers a comprehensive billing and accounts receivable solution; a single electronic or paper invoice consolidates payables, simplifying reconciliation. ICL can accommodate provincial and interprovincial billing and direct pay, reducing the load on the client’s infrastructure. ICL also offers a Point of Sale Application which can be employed in outpatient laboratories to support our client’s business model.


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