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LIS Integration / Interfacing
ICL has a relentless approach to electronic interchange, ensuring quality and reliable service. For the purpose of improving patient safety, strengthening turn-around time, and improving the quality of the referral service, ICL strives to interface directly with clients and reference laboratories alike. Our ICL interface specialists have decades of experience designing, building, and adapting interfaces between our in-house systems and every major LIS available on the market. We also have the capability to create custom-builds should our client/reference laboratories require a personalized approach.

ICL was a pioneer in developing HL7 Reference Laboratory Interfaces to receive orders from and send results to our hospital clients. Our IT staff develops and maintains these vital interfaces, working closely with hospital IT and laboratory staff during set-up, testing, and operation.

Issue resolution
ICL has a process in place whereby interface issues can be escalated through our 24-hour emergency call line. We have a ticketing system where these cases can be opened and where all details of the issues and resolutions are recorded. Our expert IT staff has the skills and know-how to resolve almost all issues immediately. Once an issue is resolved we have a system in place to ensure preventative measures and/or ‘fixes’ are in place to mitigate risk of an issue being repeated.

Point-of-Sale Application
Our research indicates that many outpatient laboratories, specifically in the Ontario public hospitals, may levy charges for uninsured testing ordered for registered outpatients and ambulatory patients, removing the burden from the hospital global budget.

ICL has developed an innovative solution whereby our proprietary web-based portal can be used to bill patients directly for testing at the 'point-of-sale'. This effectively eliminates or reduces the burden/absorption rates of uninsured testing on the hospital's global budget. Using the ICL system, the hospital does not need to deal with bad debt or collections from patients. If ICL is a client’s primary test referral site, ICL can handle all of the point-of-sale issues and reduce the fiscal burden of referred out tests to the hospital global budget.

A consideration could be the implementation by clients and ICL of a point-of-sale system for only a selected test menu, perhaps the top/highest cost tests. The lab would be provided with a menu articulating tests that require patient payment and all other referred out work would remain as costs to the laboratory. This mechanism essentially eliminates a portion of uninsured testing from the hospital budget and reduces hospital handling costs by being connected with managed transportation and logistics provider, ICL.




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