In-Common Laboratory

Includes: Trypsin, Serum

2018-Aug-09 Patient Names for Multiple Births

2018-Aug-17 HSC-Units

Includes:Barbiturates Screen, Urine; Cannabinoids Screen, Urine

2018-July-11 Acetylcholine Rec Ab

Includes: Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody, Serum

2018-July-17 Various

Includes: Beta-2 Microglobulin, Plasma/Serum; Adalimumab & Antibodies, Serum; Coenzyme Q10 Total, Serum; Interleukin 2 Receptor, Serum; LDH Isoenzymes, Serum; Toluene, Whole Blood, Whole Blood

2018-July-20 Chromogranin A

Includes: Chromogranin A, Plasma

2018-July-27 Urine Cortisol Revision

Includes: Cortisol, Urine

2018-June-29 Cortisol-Saliva

Includes: Cortisol, Saliva

2018-June-29 Glucagon-Mayo

Includes: Glucagon, Plasma

2018-Jun-29 Dihydrotestosterone

Includes: Dihydrotestosterone, Serum

2018-May-04 Timed Collections

Includes: Citrate, Urine; Oxalate, Urine

2018-May-28 Drug Screen Revision-Epic

Includes: Broad Spectrum Drug Screen LC-MS/MS, Urine

2018-May-29 Drug Screen Revision-Epic

Includes: Broad Spectrum Drug Screen LC-MS/MS, Blood and Urine

2018-Mar-02 Amino_Acids

Includes: Amino Acids, Blood

2018-Mar-13 B2MG-S

Includes: β-2-Microglobulin, Serum

2018-Mar-13 VitB1-WB

Includes: Vitamin B1, Whole Blood

2018-Mar13 PRCAL-STM

Includes: Procalcitonin, Blood

2018-Mar-19 VitB1-PL-QST

Includes: Vitamin B1, Plasma

2018-Feb-23 Various

Includes: Erythropoietin, Serum; Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, Serum; Interleukin 6; Interleukin 10; Magnesium, Plasma

2018-Feb-23 RBC_FOL

Includes: Folate, RBC

2018-Jan-2 Test Revision-CH50

Includes: CH50 Method change

2018-Jan-5 Test Revision-Orotic Acid, Urine

Includes: Orotic Acid Method change

2018-Jan-5 Test Revisions-Various

Includes: CA 15-3, Serum; HbA1c, Whole Blood; Pregnenolone, Serum

2018-Jan-12 Alkaline Phosphatase, Bone Specific

Includes: Bone-Specific ALP

2018-Jan-30 25-OH-Vitamin D

Includes: Age-based reference ranges for 25-OH-Vitamin D

2017-Dec-29 Protect from light

Includes: Instructions for submission of specimens that must be protected from light

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