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We've Moved!
Effective June 24, 2013, Hospitals In-Common Laboratory Inc. has moved to
57 Gervais Dr, North York, ON M3C 1Z2.
Our phone numbers remain the same.

Welcome to In-Common Laboratories
Hospitals In-Common Laboratory Inc. (In-Common Labs) is a private, not-for-profit company that has worked with public hospitals and laboratory medicine providers since 1967. Our Canadian and US based strategic reference laboratory partnerships provide the best solutions to our clients. We provide value-added services that extend the technical and production expertise of hospital laboratories to benefit the entire health care community. Our partnerships span the health care continuum and we are committed to continuous quality and service improvement. Medical laboratories are our partners, clients and trusted colleagues.

In-Common Labs manages a sophisticated and complex laboratory testing referral network. The company operates as a full service brokerage, matching requested tests with the most appropriate providers. The referral network is consistently in contact with In-Common Labsí head office in order to drive high-quality service, superior turn-around-times and outstanding client care.

Choose In-Common Laboratories
In-Common Labs is a world-class provider of sophisticated medical laboratory testing. With our dedicated team of professionals, lean and professional logistics services, proprietary systems and technology infrastructure as well as expertise at LIS integration, we are leaders in brokering medical laboratory testing and results. We offer sophisticated connectivity options for our reference laboratory network as well as our clients and we strive to provide quality data back into the hands of decision makers in order to support clinical care.

If you order medical laboratory tests, we can source these tests. We are proudly a Canadian not-for-profit, so our intention is to support the publicly funded system and we do coordinate partnerships that keep funding dollars within the public domain. If sourcing a test must occur outside of Canada, we have a sophisticated set of globally connected partners who understand our goals and support our model. We continue to improve referral network and client connectivity, to build infrastructure to support institutions, organizations and individuals providing patient care. We are committed to work with our partners to improve relationships and ensure safety, security and world-class service in our laboratory medicine system.

Our vision is to provide a consolidated medical laboratory test referral system, managed with quality and integrity, to healthcare professionals and others, needing comprehensive lab testing services.

Our mission is to enhance, through innovation and partnerships, access to laboratory services that promote and support the integrity of the hospital lab system.

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Strengthen the medical laboratory system by keeping the aims of our public healthcare system as priorities. We share the values of accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity in care, integration of service, patient-centric perspective and are keenly aware of patient and public safety.




In an era of fiscal restraint and tightening of budgets, medical laboratory funding must be appropriately allocated and In-Common Labs is a strategic partner to protect investments. Value for money is a defining characteristic of In-Common Labs as we provide support as needed, when needed. If you require medical laboratory testing, think In-Common Labs.




Reliability and accessibility of testing are hallmarks of In-Common Labs. We strive to make available to the whole health care community the professional expertise, technical and production capacity, and training and research resources, of the individual reference laboratories.

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